Dancer Portrait Sessions

Why do we Specialize in Portraits of Dancers?

For years, Alicia had been dreaming of photographing ballerinas in dingy, dirty, highly-populated, and unexpected areas.  "The contrast would make for an incredible image", she thought.  Little did she know that the opportunity would soon come to her!

After capturing the competition portraits for a South Tampa based dance school, The Fine Art Photography Company began reaching out to all of the students to see if any of them would be interested in being a part of a series entitled "Dancers in Urban Settings".  The response was overwhelming.  It's amazing how a series that started out as something fun to do turned into so much more!

Working with dancers, their instructors, and families has become a true passion!  The time that can be dedicated to working with an individual artist makes for images that are dramatic, artistic, and awe inspiring.  There is little else that can compare!


Do you work for or own a Dance School?  

Dance Schools and Instructors that help us spread the word about our Dancer Portraits will enjoy the following benefits:

- The top images from each session will be provided to the school for use across social media, on their website, and in their advertising.  

- The school will be mentioned in all of our social media posts when an image of their student is posted or when we do Facebook Live videos during a session with one of their students.

- Schools will have the opportunity to work with The Fine Art Photography Company for their yearly recital and competition portraits and we will discuss ways to use these portraits as a fundraiser for the school.  

- Schools and Instructors will receive complimentary Headshots, Group Photos, and Private Portrait Sessions on a yearly basis or whenever a new staff member is added to the team. 

- Referral credits are given to the schools and instructors which can be used towards the purchase for your own portraits, event photography, or taken as a cash out payment on a quarterly basis.


How do you get started?  

1.  Contact us to schedule your complimentary, over-the-phone Portrait Design Consultation.  We will discuss your vision for the portraits we are going to created, wardrobe, and what you might like as your final products.  (ie., canvas groupings, prints, albums, etc.)  You will also have the option of selecting a date, time, and location for your session. 


2. Dancer Portraits require a "90 min Extended Portrait Session".  This fee is payable upon booking your session date.  Click HERE to complete the registration form and book your session.  


3.  We will then schedule your Portrait Session and meet at the agreed upon location to create your Custom Portrait Artwork.


4. Once your Portraits have been enhanced and are ready for viewing, we will send you a link to your on-line gallery.   Via the gallery you will be able to view, favorite, and order your portraits.  You can also schedule a phone call with a representative that will walk you through everything, take notes about needed retouching, and help you select the best sizes and products for your needs. 


5.  When your order is received by our studio and found to be acceptable for delivery, we will schedule your Product Delivery Appointment.  (This is our favorite part!)  Out of town clients will have the items shipped directly to their homes.


A La Carte Items:

Specialty Albums & Portrait Books in various sizes and covers

Memory Boxes with up to 30 prints

Photographic Prints and Canvases

Hand Painted Canvases


Contact Us to get started!